Post Op: Coclear Implant

  1. Avoid strenuous activities.  You may continue most other regular activities.
  2. The head dressing (if any) can be removed the day after surgery.  You may wipe the area around the ear with a clean, damp cloth.  Avoid excessive manipulation of any incisions.
  3. If there is an incision behind the ear, apply the antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin/Polysporin/Neosporin) to the area three times a day until your physician directs you to stop.  You may remove any crusts with Q-tip or towel and some peroxide.
  4. For ear pain, use Tylenol as directed or prescription medication as directed.  The pain is usually not severe and will subside in a few days
  5. Some numbness of the ear and tongue, altered sense of taste, are normal after surgery.
  6. Some dizziness after surgery is normal.  If it does not improve gradually over time, call the office.  Call the office for purulent drainage, severe dizziness, fever above 101.5 F, or facial weakness.
  7. Make an appointment to see the doctor in 3 to 4 weeks. Follow up times may vary and you'll be given specific dates after your procedure.